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Amazon is the world’s largest internet retailer.


Exactly three weeks before Black Friday, Amazon approached MTI Global Services with the realization that they had an unknown number of interactive Kindle displays within Best Buy that were not fully functional and would create a negative impression of their brand.


Immediately upon receiving Amazon’s request, MTI Global Services devised a multiphase solution to ensure that the situation within the field was quickly and accurately assessed to provide a clear resolution plan:

Call campaign to contact all 220+ Best Buy locations to attempt to troubleshoot and resolve the issues over the phone.

• Within 3 business days, MTI Global Services had completed the entire call campaign to all locations.
• Resulted in 17% store compliance issues corrected over the phone without additional parts or labor, saving Amazon over $10K.

MTI scheduled 115 trained technicians to the remaining locations and quickly shipped them the required parts to troubleshoot.

• Technicians began completing nationwide repair visits with parts in hand as soon as Saturday, less than a week following the original request.

Detailed store-level reporting was provided to the client daily, alerting them of additional compliance issues in the field that needed to be solved immediately. MTI quickly expanded the scope of work they were currently conducting in store – from installing one part, to merchandising, troubleshooting and sometimes even installing the full interactive display to meet the ever growing and immediate needs of Amazon.


Two days prior to Black Friday, all 183 locations had been completed and reported to Amazon, which went on to have a very successful holiday season. One high-level Amazon executive dubbed MTI Amazon’s “Heroes of the Holidays.”

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