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Best Buy is the world’s largest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer, with stores in the United States, Canada, China, Europe and Mexico. The company has the distinction of being the retail leader for visual merchandising and loss prevention for today’s most popular consumer electronics.


When developing its new Connected Store 2.0 design, Best Buy looked to Brent Newman, Senior Manager of Interactive Technology, to develop a new merchandising standard. Newman understood the pressure of creating a merchandising strategy that would ultimately be emulated by others. Having used MTI products for more than a decade, he also understood that working with MTI would deliver the best visual-merchandising, loss-prevention and in-store results—not to mention the lowest total cost of ownership.

“One of our big initiatives with the new Connected Store 2.0 was to incorporate electronic security,” says Newman. “MTI’s products actually provide dual security, combining both electronic and mechanical security, incorporating a far more superior cut-resistant tether.”

Durability is equally important for Best Buy, where on average, shoppers interact with products six times more than they would at smaller retailers. Without a durable merchandising solution, Best Buy would suffer from inordinate repair and maintenance (R&M) costs. According to Newman, in recent years MTI deployments “lowered our total cost of ownership dramatically. From an R&M perspective, it went down over $4M company wide.”

Product Deployed

Freedom Micro
Freedom Core II


Delivering an unmatched in-store experience is part of MTI’s product strategy. “Customer and employee experience have equal importance,” says Newman. “I weigh the two equally. You can’t have one without the other.”

MTI met Best Buy’s customer requirements by enabling powered merchandising with no false alarms when installed correctly, yet in Newman’s eyes it’s the employee experience he finds most impressive. “I love the IntelliKey and ISM module; you could probably reprogram the entire store in 20 minutes if need be,” he says. “With competitors, I would have to replace the entire programming unit, and then go back to the store to reprogram everything … it’s not ideal. MTI gives us a nice, flexible solution for programming keys and fixtures.”

When he first set out to tackle Best Buy’s new retail design, Newman understood his role not just in the company, but in the industry’s future. Having worked with MTI for more than 10 years, he trusted the company to create the premier tablet and mobile phone merchandising technology. “Nobody has been able to touch MTI’s innovative systems for reliability,” he says. “I’ve not seen one to date that’s been compelling enough for me to move away from MTI.”

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