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The client is a Washington state-based software company whose products are used in manufacturing environments to instruct machine operators on processes and procedures.


The customer needed fully functional tablet stands that had charging and mobile capabilities, as well as tilting and rotating features. The also did not have a method for collecting and measuring data on robotic machines that perform the brunt of manufacturing work, nor could they collect analytics on the operator. Without a platform and software to capture statistics surrounding the machines and operators, identifying process improvements and operating efficiencies was nearly impossible.


Enterprise Tablet Pro with Surface Pro 4 was the perfect tablet mobility solution for the robust environments they are being deployed in. The flexible fixture integration allowed the customer to mount the solution in a variety of needed positions, and the mobility feature enabled staff to take the tablet across the manufacturing floor—both of which were very valuable features to the client.


New contracts are quickly ramping up and business is expanding to the international level. A Mexico-based manufacturing company currently has adopted roughly 30 stations that include our Enterprise Tablet Pro solutions, with discussions underway for rolling out to as many as 500 additional stations. This showcases that our solutions are directly impacting this company in a positive manner.

As more manufacturing companies adopt automated processes and robotics, the more need there is to gather performance analytics that can help maximize efficiency. MTI tablet solutions are proving themselves more than capable of delivering in these challenging manufacturing environments.

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