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März 16, 2020

As developments around COVID-19 continue to evolve, MTI is committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. We are taking necessary measures to ensure we continue to support our customers while monitoring the safety of our employees around the world. In all MTI run facilities, we are encouraging employees to work from home when possible, implementing staggered work schedules, promoting social distancing and implementing additional safety and cleaning steps to promote a healthy work environment. We will continue to communicate as new developments become available. At this point in time, all of MTI’s sales and sales support functions are running, supporting client requests, shipments, and installations.

In order to minimize disruptions, MTI would like to partner with its customers to collaborate on all future needs so we can effectively plan to have product available to support you. Constant and consistent communications will help all of us better manage through any disruptions in normal business operations. If there are changes to your operations and planned shipping and/or work scheduled, please contact your MTI sales or account team to help us work around your constraints.

Our business continuity team is meeting two times per day to assess any changes to normal operations and support. Products already purchased from MTI that are already material clear will still ship (unless there are changes to client retail availability). For new requests, our teams will work to confirm committed ship dates based on the latest information from our suppliers and logistics providers as well as inventory availability. Below is a high-level update on our supplier situation and Global Services. As always, please let us know how we can assist you.

Supplier Status (März 16, 2020)

MTI’s China Suppliers and Sub-Suppliers

Most of the MTI’s suppliers and their sub-suppliers (who are mostly located in GuangDong Province), have been officially approved by local Chinese Government Agencies to start their factory operations. Labor force is increasing week by week as more employees are approved to work, after their quarantine process.

MTI’s Taiwan Suppliers

MTI’s Taiwan suppliers are currently running at 100% capacity and their China sub-suppliers are still ramping up.

Raw Materials and Supplies

As factories are ramping up after several weeks of downtime. Due to Coronavirus, all suppliers are reporting increases in lead times for raw materials. To help with the shortages and to reduce lead times, MTI is sourcing materials available in US to ship to our partners in China to continue with production. MTI is also pre purchasing components where available.

Logistics and Shipping

We are now seeing further supply chain disruption due to a back log of shipments from China to North America. The combination of the China ramp-up and the lack of shipments during the shutdown period has created shortages of ocean containers for exports and increased shipping congestion at ports and airports. This will have a large impact on space availability for both ocean and air shipments. MTI is currently working with its logistics providers to book space ahead of time to help mitigate this problem.

global Services

We continue to monitor coverage requirements specific to regions, Länder, states and individual retailers. We are adjusting the coverage requirements. We have confirmed service will stop due to mandates in the San Francisco Bay Area with the following counties being affected: Marin, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara.

In an effort to protect our employees, ensure business continuity and adhere to the guidance set forth by the CDC, we have moved to a 100% remote working model for the Services team and have closed our services offices in Hillsboro, OR and Drogheda, Irland. The employees have been setup with equipment, VPNs and systems to continue their work from their homes.

In respect to field deployment, we are offering the option for individual field-based employees to opt in whether they are willing to complete assignments to which they have been scheduled. We have a moderator providing updates and clarity to our field via MTIExpert. Our field and partners are also proactively communicating to their Regional Operations Manager, District Field Managers and in forums in MTIExpert specific updates from individual retailers and regions. We have a moderator tracking and providing clarity as needed.

As an added precaution, for our field employees we have offered reimbursement for Nitrile gloves and hand sanitizer for field employees that continue to provide services. We have included instructions to the field to follow the CDC guidance to reduce risk and while in a retail environment, wear Nitrile gloves. Upon exit from store, discard gloves in bins and apply hand sanitizer prior to getting into automobile.

We are expecting Preventive Maintenance Visits, Installation Visits and SLAs on Break-Fix to shift. Our scheduling team is tracking schedules daily for individuals and have begun to publish daily updates to our account teams. Our account teams will be responsible for updating each of their accounts based upon their agreements.

We appreciate your partnership during this challenging time and are committed to communicating issues and mitigating problems when they arise.

We hope you and your families remain in good health.

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