When hands on customer experience will close the sale

Freedom Micro® II

Display security you can rely on

Showcase all the new features of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 SE

Freedom Micro II gives the options to adjust, auto align and perfectly support the features of iPhones and iPads without compromising your customers experience. 

Less time spent on monitoring your products will improve in-store efficiency with new product rollouts and on the fly adjustments.
Variable Security
The elegant look of variable security tiers offer a cohesive brand and in-store experience.
Modular build
Switch between different models with ease to match the security you need.
Clutter free
A wide variety of power and alarm options through the riser minimize clutter, for a clean display. 
Enduring design
With a proven 5+ year lifespan, our products outperform the competition. 

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