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Loss Prevention

DSLR Cameras in retail mounting devices


Customer Paying for items in a retail store using NFC and cell phone


Clerk in a hotel greeting customer with a tablet for check in


Doctor consulting with a patient

Quick Service Restaurant

A person ordering a pizza on a tablet

Financial Services

Man with colleagues or customers in an office room with a computer
DSLR Cameras in retail mounting devicesLoss Prevention

No matter what you need to protect, one of our many top-of-the-line solutions will be a perfect fit. MTI offers a wide range of asset protection systems. Our products are used by some of the world’s premier consumer electronics brands to display and protect the latest smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, and much more.

Protecting Your Assets is What We Do Best

→ MTI’s modular product designs make them easily adaptable to many retail use cases

→ Our simplified designs drive both labor efficiency and streamlined operations in our customers’ stores

→ We offer products with tiered security because not every store or every region is the same. This lets you pick the best level of protection for your use case.

→ Our combination of innovation, security, reliability, and brand elevation give you a low cost of ownership and a great experience for you and your customers.



Customer Paying for items in a retail store using NFC and cell phoneRetail

When working in retail, ease of use and speed are a high priority. Using any one of our tablet solutions, the point-of-sale process can be easier than ever. Better yet, our Tablet Solutions protect your devices from damage and theft while maximizing their utility.

Our retail solutions help hero your products and put them in their best light. They protect, present, and elevate merchandise so that it is always ready for the next customer interaction. We’ve been iterating in this space for more than forty years, and we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in consumer electronics. But merchandise presentation is only part of our story.

Tablets are a key element to many modern businesses. They can also be expensive and fragile, so protecting them is critical. Our RapidDoc family is versatile for the more fast-paced retail environment, as it can be used docked into the stand, or carried around the store by your employees.

Our Tablet Solutions unlock the full utility and versatility of your tablets while protecting them from theft and damage. They add the strength, ergonomics, and security to your tablet hardware. 

→ Creates a quick, easy sales experience for your customers. 

→ Automatically charges tablets upon dock placement, ensuring it’s always ready for the next interaction. 

→ Hidden cable management means a clean presentation for your display. 



Clerk in a hotel greeting customer with a tablet for check inHospitality

In order to prioritize safety, the hospitality industry sought out new ways to service their guests from a distance. Our tablet solutions limit contact while enhancing the guest experience. Your employees and guests alike will delight at the speed and ease of our mobile check in and out processes…and so on.

Today’s hospitality guests expect the same level of sophistication and ease in hotels that they do in retail shops and even online. That’s why having a solid point-of-sale and information kiosk system is so important to providing a positive and brand-building customer experience. Check out our case study detailing how our RapidDoc solution helped one hospitality chain reach its socially distant check-in goals.



Doctor consulting with a patientHealthcare

Healthcare is a fast-paced environment, where all of the work being done is quite possibly life or death. Our solutions can function as a replacement for clunky, out-of-date laptops on carts and make the hard work of our doctors and nurses just a bit easier.

The Healthcare Industry is always on the forefront of technological change, which makes MTI the perfect partner for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers. We provide solutions that can make your patient’s experience easy, fast, and most importantly safe. Whether you’re concerned about COVID-19, seasonal influenza, or anything else, MTI has the products that can help streamline your patient care by enhancing the checkin and check out process, making patient entertainment more engaging and fun, and by facilitating translation services.



A person ordering a pizza on a tabletQuick Service Restaurant

Quick service restaurant customers want their visits to be as fast and easy as possible. MTI offers a range of solutions for  use cases in the kitchen, at the cash register, and at the table, so customers can get in and served as quickly as possible.

MTI’s product catalog can help Quick Service Restaurants streamline their operations from end to end. Our products help make your operations faster, easier, and more affordable. We offer products that enhance the customer experience by facilitating customer self-service and line busting. Our products also help back-of-the-house processes by working with Kitchen Monitoring Systems you may already be using.



Man with colleagues or customers in an office room with a computerFinancial Services

Many consumers fear their banking experience will be stressful or tedious. But with one of our MTI kiosk solutions, it can be a breeze. Financial institutions can breathe a little easier with our tablet solutions here to help make customer’s experiences just a little easier.

Banking customers demand experiences that are discrete, safe, and easy. Our products, which provide world class service and CX to the retail and restaurant industries, can also work well in a Financial Services setting. They are easy to deploy, provide a high level customer experience, and the discretion customers rely upon when conducting personal financial transactions. Whether your clients are signing documents, making deposits or withdrawals, or reviewing policy language for a new loan, MTI has a product that can help you accomplish your goals.