Restaurant Solutions

Enhance efficiencies through your restaurant operation

MTI brings innovative resources to the table which resolve critical challenges for your operation. Ranging from smooth flowing customer engagment to self service kiosks and solution accessories, we have a great variety of thoughtfully designed products to improve and enhance your business as a whole.
Expediting the line
POS - Checkout
Touchscreen Ordering Kiosks
At Table Orders
Back of House

Expediting the line

Mobile tablet kiosks offer an efficient way to expedite service. With self service kiosks and hand held tablet point of sales your business can accommodate higher traffic, and greater revenue. 

Our tablet solutions allow a flexible range of motion between guests and employees while maintaining safety and security for the business. Payment peripherals are available to process on the spot. 

POS - Checkout

Kiosks with integrated ordering and payment tools reduce overhead needs and simplify customer transactions.  A modern sleek kiosk system that fits in with most aesthetics and makes transactions easy.  

Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks

Automate the ordering process allowing customers to directly place orders at a kiosk station to reduce time, reduce labor costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

At Table Orders

Provide convenience by allowing customers to place orders at their own pace, and self transact to increase revenue transactions. 

Back of House (Kitchen)

Customers looking to streamline their back of the house operations are using tablets to drive consistency in menu creation, digitalize recipes, and centralize inventory management.

Partnership is in our DNA

Bring your design to life with new concepts and prototypes for seamless integration.
Ensure visual and functional elements work effectively to perform in a global market.
Lower costs and increase working capital through efficient sourcing. 
Our pick, pack and kitting services allow you to focus on sales while streamlining your fulfillment. 
Leverage our warehousing facilities for ongoing global storage, with quick access to international ports.  
MTI offers unparalleled logistics support, with warehousing and distribution chains across all major markets.

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