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In the battle for retail security, you are not alone.

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Asset Protection

MTI Device holding a cell phone in a retail store

Smart Locks

MTI Lock device on a shelf in a retail store

Tablet Solutions

An iPad in a store in an MTI plastic case
MTI Device holding a cell phone in a retail storeAsset Protection

Phone prices rise, thieves become bolder and the challenges of Loss Prevention threaten to overwhelm.

But you have a partner in MTI. We can help you hold the line against smartphone theft, effectively and profitably, just as we’ve done for the world’s leading brands and retailers for more than 40 years.

Delight the Customer, Defeat the Thief

•  Our deceptively elegant displays cut client theft rates by up to 60%, even as they boost engagement and sales.

Install One Platform and Meet Any Threat

•  Modular designs let you dial security up or down to meet changing threats, without having to invest in multiple solutions.

Slash Your R&M and Boost Your ROI

•  Retail-hardened materials and interchangeable parts slash R&M costs for the lowest total cost of ownership.



MTI Lock device on a shelf in a retail storeSmart Locks

MTI Locks are battery-operated, smart locks that streamline nearly every aspect of merchandise and equipment security. They improve store operations, customer service, and loss prevention activities.


They are compatible with the MTI Versa IoT Network and our affordable RFID-powered Versa Keys. This system enables you to give keys to up to 250 employees— ensuring that your locks will impede theft, not sales. 

Unlock Enhanced Customer Service

•  Since nearly everyone in your store can have a smart key, this improves speed of service, relieves bottlenecks, and opens up amazing customer experiences.

Empower the Staff and End the Shrink

•  Smart MTI Locks™, powered by our MTI Connect® IoT platform, have helped clients cut internal theft by as much as 80%, while significantly improving the customer experience and speed of service.

The Power of Truly Inventive Design

•  Only MTI combines custom build capabilities, revolutionary smart products that self-diagnose, and modular designs that reduce repair and maintenance, provide easy upgrade paths and deliver insights to drive your business.

Retail Security Solutions For Every Product Category

•  Modular, configurable designs mean you can display all your key product types—beautifully and securely.



An iPad in a store in an MTI plastic caseTablet Solutions

Purpose-driven products that raise the bar for mobile tablet solutions, POS, kiosks, and customer engagement. We deliver the perfect balance of strength, elegance and intuitive design that highlights your brand and customer experience.

Purpose Built
• Power, connectivity and peripherals where you need them.

Use-Case Driven
•  Quick on/off mobility with user access control or quality fixed solutions built for thousands of daily interactions.

•  Universal and modular design to support multiple tablets over multi-year deployments.

•  MTI’s unbeatable combination of hardware and Global Services experience ensures tablet success anywhere in the world.