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Managed Access

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Asset Manager

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MTI Connect® creates a new kind of retail experience, where merchandise is always perfectly displayed, employees are empowered to sell, and all stakeholders have the insights they need to optimize the consumer’s journey—and their own.

You have data sources all over your enterprise. Thanks to its “open” platform, MTI Connect® can integrate with those sources, correlating data to create powerful, actionable reports. Those reports are shared to the cloud 24/7, to give stakeholders the information they need to make better decisions.



A Platform vs. A Product
•  Retail doesn’t work in silos. That’s why MTI Connect® isn’t the patchwork of products others offer. It’s an integrated retail platform that coordinates and empowers stakeholders across your business.

Open vs. Proprietary
•  Got retail systems already in place? Of course you do. That’s why MTI Connect® is an “open” platform, able to link with existing data sources—software and hardware alike—for seamless workflow integration and powerful enterprise reporting.

Big Data vs. Better Data
•  You want answers, not “analytics.” Whatever your role—operations, loss prevention, merchandising, marketing—MTI Connect® measures what matters to you and delivers it on demand in a form you can use.

Front Lines vs. Just Back Office
•  Sure, we built a cloud-based dashboard for managers and corporate stakeholders—but what about employees? They can make or break the consumer experience. So we built a mobile app that puts real-time operational alerts right in their hands.



Ideogram with keys inside of a cogManaged Access

Empower Employees and Improve your Customers’ Experience.
Serve customers better and faster. Simple key management and inexpensive keys lets all employees be empowered to serve customers. No more looking for a manager with a key.



Improve Profitability & Efficiency
•  With every employee empowered to assist customers, no more lost sales due to long wait times for keys to arrive to retrieve product. Your staff can focus on the customers, not on finding keys.

Decrease Shrink

•  Total employee accountability with an affordable 1:1 key to employee ratio.  Accountability weeds out the bad apples in your store quickly.

Build a Smarter Store

• Versa IoT-enabled hardware combined with real-time data, analytics and customizable reports delivers improved store operational visibility and a better customer experience.

Integrate Easily

•  Leverage MTI’s open platform to integrate with 3rd-party systems such as CCTV, and other security systems.



Ideogram with a dollar-sign in a cog leading to a partially finished checklistAsset Manager

Ready for unparalleled amounts of visibility one your equipment ecosystem? Asset Manager gives you new mastery of your physical assets by associating them to individuals in real-time so you can know where they are, and who has them.


Track your assets like never before
•  Your staff members can access assets and automatically be assigned to them, removing paper logs and mistakes.

Identify lost devices in real time

•   Spot stray equipment in the field as it happens, with full visibility to who was assigned the asset.

Streamline manual asset auditing processes

•   Reduce the time necessary to audit your equipment by having a preset, live record of each piece of equipment and its history.