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Tablets are game changers for small business owners seeking a more cost-effective way to handle retail sales transactions. But if that’s all you’re using these devices for, you’re missing out. There are a slew of other opportunities to deploy store tablets to improve your retail enterprise.

1. Tablet Kiosks

Expand inventory without taking up another inch of space using tablet stands and mounts to create an “endless aisle.” Through this digital portal, customers can order out-of-stock items, look at options and upgrades, specify sizes and colors, or place special orders.

Store tablets can also be used as a new take on retail store displays. Research from the National Retail Federation Foundation found that two-thirds of Millennials and Gen-X shoppers use mobile devices to read product reviews in store; so do 40 percent of Baby Boomers. Putting tablets in the aisles makes it easy for customers to access the information they need to make buying decisions quickly. It’s also a great way to share product demos and testimonials from other buyers and users. And, if you’re into multi-tasking, you can use store tablets as signage to attract customers to sale racks or new merchandise.

2. Market Research

“We use tablets to collect customer feedback in the hopes of catching issues before they end up on Yelp,” says Adi Bittan, co-founder and CEO of OwnerListens, an online reputation management company in Palo Alto, CA. Employees ask shoppers waiting to check out to make comments about their experience on the tablet.

3. Clienteling

This is just a fancy term for using customer data you already have (or can easily collect) to build a more personal sales experience for your customers. By gathering and accessing this information via store tablets, salespeople can use preferences, purchase history and more to help shoppers make decisions, steer them to complimentary items or let them know about special promotions.

4. Training

You can even use these devices to train your staff. Load product demonstration or procedure videos onto your own (or someone else’s) tablet to provide staff with initial instruction or a refresher course.

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