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For both businesses and consumers, we are living in a mobile-first world. The technology has permeated virtually every industry, providing immeasurable productivity and efficiency gains. For the modern and skilled manufacturer, mobile technology is the key to a successful shop floor and back office. A recent survey conducted by Motorola found that 7 in 10 IT decision-makers in the manufacturing industry look to mobile and wireless solutions to streamline operations when deciding to incorporate mobile technology on the shop floor.

Having remote and real-time access to key business information, including financials, stock levels and real-time info on deliveries allows sales teams to close deals faster and shop floor managers to streamline and optimize business operations. With mobile enhancements, business is no longer conducted just within the warehouse walls or the shop floor — critical business information can be accessed with a few taps wherever and whenever needed by anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Read the full article here


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