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The top 25% of small & medium enterprises (SMEs) are seeing two times the revenue growth and up to eight times the number of jobs created based on their adoption of mobile technologies.

SMEs that lead their industries in mobile adoption are also seeing up to 50% of all web searches for their businesses start on mobile devices.

Consumers worldwide value mobile technologies at 11% to 45% of their incomes. The majority are willing to give up luxuries for a year in order to keep their mobile phones.

  • Mobile technologies are emerging as a growth engine for small and medium enterprises (SME), with the top 25% of adopters seeing two times revenue growth and up to eight times the number of jobs created.  Mobile is a catalyst of global employment growth with 11 million jobs created by the mobile value chain.  BCG found that venture capital investment in mobile technologies has doubled as a percentage of total VC investments, reaching 8% or $37B in 2014. The following graphic provides an overview of how mobile technologies are becoming a catalyst of global economic growth.



  • 82% of SMEs who are leaders in mobile adoption say that mobile technologies are giving them greater flexibility and agility in connecting with customers. 60% of mobile leaders say that investing in mobile technologies is a top priority for their businesses, compared to just 15% of laggards. Mobile leaders are seeing up to 50% of all searches for their businesses from mobile devices. The fastest growing businesses adopting mobile technologies are SMEs. The study found that mobile adoption leaders have successfully integrated their mobility platforms with enterprise applications, further strengthening customer relationships and greater visibility across each phase of production.  The following graphic provides an overview of revenue increases, efficiency gains and innovation levels being attained:

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