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New functionality for the ReAct Player delivers marketing content to thousands of digital displays, promotes merchandising compliance and improves business intelligence through on-board analytics.

HILLSBORO, OR — December 1, 2011 — MTI, a worldwide leader in interactive merchandising technologies, today unveiled a new Digital Signage Management System (DSMS) tool for its ReAct Player that allows retailers to remotely update the content on their digital displays. Using DSMS, retailers can change the displayed marketing message from a remote location and in near-real time, ensuring a consistent shopper experience across multiple stores while improving merchandising compliance.

MTI’s DSMS is integrated with the ReAct Player to deliver content to almost any digital display. Its Device Manager lets retailers identify and group digital displays based on marketing criteria, while the Playlist Manager organizes existing content into an unlimited number of playlists. Playlists can then be pushed in real time or at a scheduled time to any display or Group as defined by the retailer. The new content automatically updates on each device, improving merchandising compliance and ensuring a consistent digital message regardless of store location.

In addition, on-board analytics tools allow retailers to evaluate shopper interactions with the digital signs and adjust their messaging accordingly to maximize sales and quantify ROI.

The ReAct Player DSMS is a comprehensive server-side application for monitoring, managing and controlling content on network-connected MTI ReAct Players. Through the DSMS interface, every ReAct Players’ status is immediately visible, as are the available playlists and content. Content can be managed remotely with the DSMS from any location with Internet access.

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