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The Brute Force Answer to Stopping Theft at Retail

MTI, the global leader in retail security solutions has introduced a new High Security all steel design to combat the increasingly violent nature of theft at wireless and consumer electronics retailers. The XD Guardian D series is the first in a line of purpose built device protection for high value devices like Apple’s iPhone X series and Samsung Galaxy and Note series. From quick-hit rip out attempts, kicks to the base, and/or hammering, the XD Guardian™ stands up to smash and grab attacks. The simple, low-cost design is compatible with most fixtures and simple to install with the brand OEM power cable.

XD Guardian™ D Series’ thick gauge, all-steel design comes with an optional 180-degree swivel for portrait or landscape mode–or can be locked into place depending on merchandising needs. Want to release the product quickly to get it into the hands of a customer, or secure devices at night?  The quick-release, heavy-duty lock allows products to be taken off and experienced hands-free for side-by-side selling and a true, device-feel experience.

“We designed XD Guardian™ specifically to balance the increasingly aggressive nature of device theft attempts with the ability to experience the product without a burden on the store staff. The XD Guardian™ has been put through our toughest real-world theft testing and defends the product every time,” Lincoln Wilde, Director of Products at MTI.

Need added protection? Combine XD Guardian™ D Series with MTI’s new CX Flex™ alarm module and sensor that combines power and alarm into one affordable smart solution. CX Flex™ also works with MTI Connect™ the industry-leading smart-store IoT solution that provides real-time data and insights into compliance, health, and security from any phone or desktop location.

Contact MTI today to order your sample and experience what instore protection looks like.