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Multiple industry-leading OEMs chose MTI products to secure and power their high-traffic displays at CES 2012. No other environment requires the same level of durability and reliability as the industry’s largest CE trade show. MTI passed each test with flying colors. Below is a sampling of photographs of MTI products displaying, powering and securing dozens of CE devices at CES 2012.

MTI at CES 2012

Above: Nikon relied on Universal 2.0 to provide power and security for its cameras and DSLRs, a showcase section of Nikon’s booth that garnered considerable attention and interaction from CES 2012 attendees.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: Universal 2.0 also provided Nikon with an elegant display solution for its digital imaging showcase.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: JVC integrated MTI’s Freedom Maxx into a display that showcased the cross-device functionality of a tablet application camcorder. The display provided high interactivity as well as power and security.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: Freedom Maxx was used in Motorola’s CES booth as well, as the company used the technology to provide security, power and extensive hands-on opportunities for its newest tablet products.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: Using LP3, Motorola was able to securely display hard-to-merchandise products such as headphones in the active-lifestyle section of its booth.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: With Freedom Core, Motorola provided electronic security to a selection of tablets, securing the devices while allowing hands-on interaction for all booth visitors.
MTI at CES 2012

Above: Toshiba used Universal 2.0 to merchandise its latest video devices.

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