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MTI’s Shuko MX adjustable bracket provides enhanced physical security for mobile phones, including sliders and flip phones, while reducing the long-term cost to merchandise new devices.

MTI today began worldwide shipments of a new adjustable mobile-phone bracket that provides maximum physical security while maintaining full device functionality. Called Shuko MX, the new adjustable bracket reduces the cost of maintaining a display by eliminating the need for device-specific brackets or sensors when merchandising new phones. Shuko MX provides increased security for 98% of all smartphones.

MTI’s Shuko MX is the only adjustable mobile-phone bracket to also secure slider phones and flip phones while maintaining their full open/close functionality. Adjustable in both width and depth, Shuko MX lets retailers and OEMs secure almost all phone models using a single bracket, reducing ongoing costs by enabling easy reuse. Its design also enables every phone in the store to have a bracket and eliminates the wait time to create a custom bracket for new-phone launches.

Unlike other adjustable brackets, Shuko MX allows a constant physical connection between the merchandised phone and electronic security sensors. This ensures the most robust security possible when used with MTI’s Freedom LP3 or Freedom ONE systems. The constant connection also eliminates the false alarms that plague other loss-prevention systems when using an adjustable bracket.

MTI’s adjustable mobile-phone bracket provides the best shopper experience, with the smallest possible physical dimensions and lightweight construction. The Shuko MX merchandising tools also provide the best store-maintenance experience, enabling installation and re-merchandising in a few minutes without fear of damaging the phone by over-tightening.

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