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MTI has launched our latest retail security innovation to protect and power just about any CE device.  Introducing CX Flex™, MTI’s newest high customer-experience security line. Built to optimize instore live-device demonstration and maximize the brand experience. CX Flex™ is perfect for emerging smart technologies that benefit from a freely interactive experience including watches, headphones, laptops, speakers, and more.  CX Flex™ is available to secure and power individual devices one-to-one or, put an alarm and sensor on up to four products at once.  Check out how simply CX Flex™ powers and secures Apple products like the iPad Pro Series bundle with optional keyboard and Apple pencil.

CX Flex™ works with MTI Connect™ and utilizes MTI’s secure and cost effective single key RFID technology with real-time tracking and accountability. Effortless arm and disarm with just one secure tap, no charging, breaking or losing expensive keys. Ramp up your speed of service with low-cost, durable, non-charging keys for every sales associate.

“CX Flex™ takes the security and merchandising balance to the next level,“ states Matt Haroldson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “CX Flex™ places the focus on the optimum customer experience and clutter-free device interaction. As a part of our MTI Connect™ ecosystem, CX Flex™ 1P+ provides instant insight and power to the instore staff as well as remote stakeholders accountable to brand displays. Imagine knowing instantly when a device was in the wrong spot, not powered or missing completely—a game changer for smart retail.”

Just in time for Fall’s new product introductions and pre-holiday planning, CX Flex™ will help you deliver personal instore experiences customers need to make buying decisions. Contact MTI today to try CX Flex™ for your next display project and let your brand take the lead.

About MTI

MTI is a leader in global retail security, with innovative smart retail store software solutions and a global field service provider trusted by many of the world’s most successful consumer electronics retailers and brands. MTI helps clients protect high value products with innovative security solutions augmented by a real-time open IoT platform that enables retailers to close the access control and visibility gaps between management, front line teams, instore technology and the customer experience. In addition, MTI’s unique global service and contact center reaches over 90 countries globally providing installation, repair and training and brand advocacy solutions to retailers and brands.

About MTI Connect™

MTI Connect™ is the unique retail smart-store IoT solution that gives instore staff and remote corporate stakeholders real-time visibility into the status of each position – including health, compliance, access management/control and marketing insights with built-in actionable reporting.  MTI Connect™ is the single open platform solution to change how you connect and manage instore vendors.

Contact: Kimarie Wolf, Director of Marketing

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