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Since we first announced the Shuko MX adjustable mobile-phone bracket, our conversations with excited customers have consistently ended by answering a simple question: “why the name Shuko?” It’s not surprising that people have asked, because no other MTI product has such a dramatic name. However, the sheer number of times we’ve been asked has been surprising. So, we’d like to put the mystery to rest and share the reason behind the name.

It’s cool.

It also happens to be an accurate descriptor.

We chose “shuko” as our internal codename because of the bracket’s gentle yet powerful grip on whichever phone it was securing. “Shuko” is the name of the hand claws used by ancient warriors to protect themselves from harm and climb walls. Lightweight, powerful, graceful and essential — those were the same qualities in our adjustable mobile-phone bracket. When it came time to start shipping the product, those qualities were still relevant and the name still resonated, so “Shuko” became our final product name. The “MX” was added for “mobile experience,” a moniker that indicates the bracket’s design for mobile phones.

And now you know.


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