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Tablets are blending the best of digital and real worlds in retail, ensuring customers are satisfied in line with their evolving expectations.

Portability, versatility and increasing computer performance of tablets are bringing completely new experiences, changing how we enjoy entertainment, shop, gather information, communicate and blend our digital and real worlds. This series by PSFK and Intel explores how improving tablet capabilities are changing the status quo in many aspects of our lives.

Shopping from a mobile device was a farfetched notion for most people just five years ago, but today it’s not uncommon to use a smartphone or tablet to shop then buy something from virtually anywhere. Retailers are reacting by becoming more digital, interactive and even social network savvy in order to meet new demands of mobile technology equipped shoppers.

While their use as personal devices is feeding the trend, tablets are playing a bigger role both in online shopping and inside restaurants and retail stores. Tablets are helping retailers to provide better customer services and dial up shopper delight with new experiences, all while helping their business hit the bottom line. Read More

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