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The iPhone 5’s staggered release give wireless carriers and retailers around the world a unique opportunity to learn how the first wave of iPhone 5 merchandising has helped drive sales. Creating the best retail display for one of the world’s strongest brands is vital, yet doing so can pose a challenge for such high-profile devices. Fortunately, MTI’s Apple-approved product displays are uniquely capable of solving this challenge.

First, iPhone 5 displays must look the part and fully convey the Apple brand experience. MTI’s Freedom LP4 meets these visual demands through a sleek design that showcases the iPhone 5 itself rather than LP4’s industry-leading physical and electronic security.

Second, the best iPhone 5 merchandising enables a fully interactive shopper experience. Balancing customers’ demand for in-hand demonstration with retailers’ demand for top-notch security is an MTI tradition. The 32-inch CarbonTether in Freedom LP4 allows customers to pick up the iPhone 5 as if it were their own, while its cut resistance and rip-and-grip strength provide an unmatched level of physical security.

Third, and perhaps most important, is the need to merchandise a live device. Without a powered device on display, customers can’t truly experience the iPhone 5’s larger display, its faster response times or its wealth of apps. Using Freedom LP4, wireless carriers and retailers can merchandise a live iPhone 5 with true peace of mind. Not only are customers experiencing the most on-brand display with a powered device, but their Loss Prevention and Visual Merchandising teams are achieving their organization’s goals as well.

To learn more about MTI’s suite of Apple display solutions, please visit our Apple Display Catalog and/or download this PDF about MTI’s Apple display solutions.

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