Freedom Micro® II Family 

Demand more from your secure display

More to offer.

The Freedom Micro® II Family delivers value above and beyond product security. Through it’s unique modular design merchandising is easier and quicker than ever, allowing sales staff to focus on engaging customers improving the Return on Display™.

Save time and money.

Improve in-store efficiency with fast, new product introductions. Extend the life of your investment with our Universal SpeedBracket™ and SpeedPlate™ options, built to accommodate almost any device, without messy VHB adhesives.

The SpeedBracket™ was designed with interdependent arms adjusts, auto aligns and consistently centers phones and tablets for a clean and easy installation.
 Freedom Micro® II Specs
Simple installation.
Fits into your existing fixtures without the need for costly, time consuming fixture modifications.
Modular design.
Move between models with ease to match the security you need or swap for maintenance for quick resolution.
Durability and Longevity.
Our products have a track record of 5+ year service life compared to other providers whose products often fail in a year or less.
A secure, customer experience.
With power supplied from within the riser, your displays are free from unnecessary cords and always ready for use.

Explore the Freedom Micro® II Family 

Freedom Micro® II HS
Freedom Micro® II M HS
Freedom Micro® II
Freedom Micro® II Lite
Freedom Micro® II M
Armored Security.
Our unique braided SteelTether™ draws smooth, yet provides unparalleled cut protection with smash and grab theft resistance up to 700 lbs.

Delivered in a retail hardened metal riser, Freedom Micro® II HS is ready to protect your investment from the most aggressive thieves.
Powerful alerts.
Freedom Micro® II HS alarms when theft events are detected and can lock down with a simple tap of the Versa Key™ if a threat is observed in store
Excellent experience.
Encourage shoppers to lift, feel, and fully experience your latest devices. Freedom Micro® II HS is secure behind the scenes, allowing the customer to try freely, without feeling locked down.
Armored Riser.
Delivered in a retail hardened metal riser, Freedom Micro® II M HS is ready to protect your investment from the most aggressive smash and grab theft attempts.
Fully Mechanical.
Self-contained mechanical solution supporting landscape and portrait orientation.
Speed Bracket™ Compatible
The Freedom Micro® II M HS is fully compatible with the universal Speed Bracket™, for the fastest, easiest secure merchandising solution with no messy adhesive.
Best of both worlds.
The Freedom Micro® II is our all-around best value option for retailers needing to protect valuable devices without compromising the shopping experience.

It’s clean, low profile design allows the device to be the hero, while the internal construction works hard to stop opportunistic theft attempts.
Flexible Protection
Freedom Micro® II provides power and flexibility with a long, lightweight steelbraided AirTether™, ensuring minimal impact on the demo experience.
Powerful alerts.
Freedom Micro® II alarms when theft events are detected and can lock down with a simple tap of the Versa Key™ if a threat is observed in store.
Premium shopping experience.
Our Freedom Micro® II Lite was built with the customer experience in mind, offering a premium shopping device experience at a low cost for store locations or environments less susceptible to theft
Tension free.
The unique coil cable is tension free, allowing the customer to observe the full weight and feel of the device.
Fully Mechanical. 
Low-cost, mechanical only display built to enhance the look of dummy/mock displays that do require security.
Consistent look.
Outfit your store with a clean, uniform look, consistent with all products in the Freedom Micro® II family
Mix and match.
No additional investment required. Leverage the same tools and accessories compatible with the Freedom Micro® II family
One elegant design, variable security tiers.
Freedom Micro II offers a unified look for a cohesive brand and store experience with variable tiers of security to suit every location and position.

Each position automatically rotates back to center, ensuring a neat aesthetic for your store after customer use. 
Faster, more flexible merchandising
The Freedom Micro II significantly reduces the merchandising time for new devices, and allows positions to switch out quickly and easily.

This allows associates to spend more time focusing on customers and growing sales.
The Versa Key System™
Freedom Micro II works with The Versa Key System. The Versa Key requires no charge or maintenance. It’s ready to work and built to reduce customer service bottlenecks.  

They Versa Key hub centralizes controls and allows associates to arm and disarm or lockdown all positions with simple tap. 

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