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Technology Over Theft

Innovative RFID locks for drawers & doors with IoT capabilities simplify store operations while stopping theft cold.

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Manage Access, Not Keys

Web interface lets you easily create, edit, and delete user access.

Open API allows greater control, with 2-factor authentication and integration with enterprise identity-management and attendance-scheduling systems.

Staff turnover? Don’t re-key—just reprogram to remove access.

Visibility & Analytics with MTI Connect®

MTI Connect® provides insights into security status and user activity.

See how long doors and drawers are open and who accessed them to cut internal and external theft.


Innovative & Long-Lasting Design

Self-locking defaults automatically secure inventory—even when employees don’t.

Battery life = 30,000 activations, 1+ years.

See MTI LocksTM in Action

Designed with simplicity and quick accessibility in mind, MTI RFID Locks empower your employees to stay focused on the customer experience while keeping up with the fast pace of retail.

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