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Freedom Micro® HS

Reengineered to Stop Aggressive iPhone Theft Attempts

Retail theft of Smart Phones and Tablets continues to grow as entry level device pricing increases. The key challenge for retailers: ensure stock and staff are protected; products are merchandised and customers can interact with products with minimal restriction.

Apple Approved

Freedom Micro II HS
Freedom Micro II HS with iPhone


Zero Leverage. Breakaway stand removes the thieves leverage against the table and protects your fixture.

Immediate Audible Alarm. Starts time pressure from the first moment.

Steel Safety Anchor.  1,000 pounds of tensile strength cable harnesses iPhones to the Apple branded fixture.

Reinforced SteelTether™. Redesigned SteelTether™ uses would be thieves strength against them.

Armored Puck. Puck-to-tether connection withstands smash and grab style theft.

Quick Release. Fast removal for customer demos or for nightly storage.

Tether Lockdown. Optional lockdown for enhanced security.

Minimize clutter. One cable delivers it all, Security, Power and Alarm.

Clean merchandising. Innovative spin-and-secure design keeps device square, even when tether is locked.


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