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Match Security to the Threat

High Security retail smartphone and tablet security for your most vulnerable devices. With over 50 patents, and counting, MTI’s innovative retail security solutions can help you match the security level to the threat of each device & position.



Designed to stop even the most violent theft attempts.

  • 12-gauge all-metal, all-mechanical display, brackets & base plate.
  • Tough tamper-proof design with unique security keys and one-turn release.
  • Optional Alarm Security and Power integration with CX Flex™ for an added layer of security.



Freedom Micro® HS

Reengineered to withstand theft.

  • The ideal balance between high customer experience and high security that lets your brand lead.
  • Armored puck and puck-to-tether connection designed to stop smash & grab theft.
  • Breakaway stand removes leverage from the table & protects your fixture.
  • A steel safety anchor harnesses devices to the table.
  • Reinforced SteelTether™ uses would-be thieves strength against them.
  • Built smart. Works with MTI Connect™ IoT capabilities that track security and consumer engagement in real-time.


Yes, you have challenges. Choosing the right security solution? That’s not one of them.

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