MTI Employees Step Up to Deliver Essential Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Unsung Heroes of MTI

SoMTI production team building medical carts during COVID-19 pandemicme unsung heroes of the pandemic quietly assemble healthcare carts. Others pack and ship routers destined for pharmacies across the country. Still more show up to LiteIT by an MTI Field Service Technicianupgrade routers to add bandwidth to overtaxed pharmacies and install healthcare carts in hospitals. We want to thank our unsung heroes for all they have accomplished to deliver essential services and send gratitude for the work still ahead.

While more than 90% of the MTI team has been working from home for the past month, the production, shipping and Global Services team members have ramped up production, packing, shipping, installation services including installation of medical carts to help keep up with the increased demand. “Orders for medical carts for hospitals throughout the United States are up 200% compared to the same period last year with no slowdown in sight,” says Jack Frost, Director of Mobility Sales and Partnerships. We are working closely with our vendors and customers to make sure our team can deliver these critical products and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve instituted an Opt-In process for Global Services Technicians. They can decide whether they are willing and able to complete work assignments. There are no repercussions for not accepting projects. Before we schedule installation and other on-site work for our essential service-based customers throughout the country we send notices to the technicians of the available work. Each employee can then opt-in to let us know they are available and interested in the assignment. We’re ramping up for the current essential projects and coordinating plans for when the level 1, 2 and 3 openings happen. Thank you to the Global Services Technicians for your dedication to the health and safety of our customers and the public and your willingness to help deliver the products and services needed during this situation.

Another team of employees who deserve our thanks for their support of our essential team members is our contact center technicians. They have moved to 100% work from home. No small feat for our 365/24/7 contact centers which are already located on two continents.  They’re monitoring the changing regulations and status of each country, city and customer. They are also coordinating with the pharmacies, hospitals and stores to ensure safety measures are in place for their employees and ours. They are in constant communication with the Global Services Technicians and are the glue that holds everything together operationally. Thanks to each and everyone of you for adapting to the changing situation and continuing to drive excellence for our team.

Delivering essential products and services is important, but not more important than our employee’s health, safety and mental well-being. That’s why we have added multiple health and safety measures including:

  • implemented CDC Guidelines for sanitation
  • staggered work shifts to lessen the number of employees working at the same time
  • adjusted our working environments to accommodate social distancing protocols
  • every shipment arriving at our receiving dock is immediately quarantined for 72 hours to keep our employees safe
  • provide personal protection equipment and guidelines of how to use them effectively to our employees so they can safely complete their jobs
  • work closely with our customers to ensure the environments and safety protocols meet or exceed these guidelines for all outside services our team is scheduled to complete

MTI Technician arriving for essential work These health and safety procedures and opt-in process are in place to help make sure we are helping #flattenthecurve and keep our employees safe.

We know our team plays a supporting role delivering essential services for those on the front lines. The doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery clerks, policemen, firemen, truck drivers, sanitation teams, gas station attendants, and other essential workers are the real heroes. We send our gratitude to the heroes on the front lines for all you are doing to keep people safe and healthy around the world. To our unsung MTI heroes we thank you for your efforts.

Does your team need help from our Global Services team during or after the quarantine? We’re here to help at [email protected]. For some tips read our article, 4 Step Bounce Back Plan for Brands after COVID-19.


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