Asset Protection solutions for apparel, DIY, and accessories

CX Flex™ Versatility

MTI's CX Flex retail merchandise alarm system allows the ultimate hands-on customer experience with alarmed security retail solutions. Available with power options in a one port or 4 port model. 
CX FlexTM 1P+
One port, alarm with high power.
CX FlexTM 1P *
One port, alarm & power.
CX FlexTM 1A*
One port with alarm.
CX FlexTM 4A*
Four port with alarm.
CX FlexTM 4P*
Four port with alarm and power. 

CX Flex™ Power Injector Cable

Save Money
Display your higher power devices with existing power supply and minimize extra cabling on your display.
OEM Charging Performance
Works with your existing charger to provide an excellent charging experience for your device.
Secure More
Charge and secure additional accessories, such as a stylus, with the secondary sensor option.
Reduce Cord Clutter
Power and secure your device through a single USB-C port for a clean, customer friendly experience.

Simple, retractable security

A perfect inexpensive loss prevention option for remote controls, small electronics, headphones, purses, speakers, glasses, tools and more. 
MTI Pullz offer a simple way to secure small accessories in store. Available with loop or adhesive fixture, MTI Pullz™ are adhered to a clean surface and prevent snatch and grabs. 

Straightforward loss prevention retractable wires that protect small items from theft including retail display products, remote controls, small electronics, medical devices, and service counter items.
Alarmed tethers offer a straighforward alarmed solution. 
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