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Accountability and Insights Unlocked.

Realize valuable insights and greater accountability using MTI’s Managed Access software platform. Drive sales and optimize labor, every day.

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Informed Decisions
Start Here

Empower Employees.
Serve Customers.

Make data-driven decisions with powerful insights that measure the impact on traffic, engagement, and sales. Empower your employees while driving personal accountability, and manage employee access to products and secure areas via our easy-to-use software platform.


  • Rapid and seamless access - who, what, when, where and for how long analytics
  • Compatible with all MTI Freedom Smart Locks
  • Use analytics to measure impact on traffic, engagement and sales
  • Provides managers with visibility and control
  • Empower employees while driving personal accountability
  • Manage access to fixtures and employees via our easy to use software platform
  • Access lock history and activity status
  • Assign, re-assign and disable Versa Keys as needed

Where Security Meets Innovation

Experience the benefits of MTI's Managed Access software platform,
and unlock the power of accountability and valuable insights.

Choose from our innovative Managed Access
plans and elevate your security today.

Choose from our innovative Managed Access Plans and Elevate your Security Today.

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Versa Key & Versa Ex

Security and Accountability, All in One

Security and Accountability,
All in One

Cost-effective, Simple Access Starts Here.

Streamline the way your employees access products and secure areas with the Versa Key and Versa Ex. With this simple, cost effective solution, every employee is guaranteed an individual RFID key, eliminating the hassle of managing shared keys.

  • Simple & Affordable Keys
  • Proven RFID Technology
  • Easily Add & Delete Keys

Try the Versa Key & Versa Ex Today and Experience the Future of Key Management.

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Managed Access Pro

Complete Control and Security Starts Here

Complete Control and Security
Starts Here

Simplify store operations and minimize labor spent on managing keys. Define access controls, set up custom workflows, and automate your security processes with ease.

  • On Premise Solution
  • No Connectivity Required
  • User Event Tracking
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Configurable Business Rules

Level Up your Security Today.


Managed Access

The Next Generation of Access Management

This cloud-based solution takes your security and access control to the next level with its advanced features — and unmatched convenience. Experience the future of access control with Managed Access Enterprise.

  • Cloud based solution
  • Central Management
  • User Event Tracking
  • Advanced Insights and Analytics
  • Advanced Configurable Business Rules

Optimize your Security Today.

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