Theft Resistant, Customer Friendly

High Security without compromising the customer experience


Freedom Micro® II

Ideal choice for
static display

  • AirTether
  • SpeedPlate mounting option
  • Lift capability for demos

Freedom Micro® II

Effective security, any environment

  • Advanced alarm system
  • AirTether with lock-down option
  • SpeedPlate or SpeedBracket HS mounting brackets
  • Freedom Quatro Power Supply with MTI SmartCable
HS Mechanical White

Freedom Micro® II
HS Mechanical

High security + value priced

  • SpeedBracket HS fits any phone or tablet
  • Always locked in place
  • OEM Power Supply


HS Power

Freedom Micro® II
HS Power

High security,
no compromises

  • SpeedBracket HS fits any phone or tablet
  • Always locked in place
  • USB-C Power Supply with MTI SmartCable


HS PowerPro

Freedom Micro® II
HS PowerPro

Ultimate protection + flexibility

  • Advanced alarm system
  • SteelTether with lock-down option
  • SpeedBracket HS fits any phone or tablet
  • Access control + usage monitoring
  • Freedom Quatro Power Supply with MTI SmartCable
laptop 1

Universal High Security Laptop Solution

The future of digital imaging security

  • Masterful Merchandising - Enjoy full features & functions without compromising security. Ability to lift laptop, open/close device without threat of cut & runs.
  • Interchangeable Legs - One bracket accommodates laptops of all sizes (Chromebook, thin & light, gaming, etc.).
  • Tool-Less - No tools required for installation.
  • Easy Installation - Install products in under 1 minute.
  • Seamless Integration - Integrates into all fixture types.
  • Longevity - Quality design that will last for years.

CX Flex™

Smart. Simple. Secure.

  • Simple and Secure - One cable provides power and alarm with multiple alarm points.
  • Locking Cables - Cable sensors lock into place. Reduce theft and false alarms.
  • Quickly Arm & Disarm - Low cost Versa Key™ RFID card arms and disarms with a simple tap.
  • Secure Accessories - Secure product accessories, such as a stylus, support fuller customer demonstrations.

Freedom® Watch

Advanced protection for smart watches

  • Flexible Merchandising - Built to accommodate almost any smart watch.
  • Heavy Duty - Mechanical all-metal display, designed to stop even the most aggressive theft attempts.
  • OEM Power - Integrates with Apple Charger without interfering with inductive charging.
  • Rugged Fixture Integration - Dual threaded stud attachment works with most slot fixtures or through-hole mounting.

CX Flex™

Universal security for CE products & accessories

  • Locking Cables - Cable sensors lock into place to reduce theft and false alarms.
  • Quick Arm & Disarm - Low cost Versa Key™ RFID card arms and disarms with a simple tap.
  • Simple and Secure - One cable provides power and alarm with multiple alarm points.
  • Flexible Merchandising - Secure one or multiple products simultaneously for the ultimate customer experience.
Versa Card

Versa Key™

Fast. Reliable. Low Cost

The industry's easiest to use, lowest cost & most reliable key. Perfect for any retail environment.

  • Low Cost - Versa Key™ is low cost, so you can afford to outfit your entire team. Lose a key? No worry. Versa Key™ can be deactivated with a few keystrokes.
  • Secure - Proprietary data formats and encrypted RFID technology make the Versa Key™ the most secure key in your store.
  • Faster - Keys that work the first time. every time. RFID technology arms/ disarms products with a simple tap. No more fumbling for hard to reach key slots.
  • Fool Proof - Tired of forgetting to charge the key? Versa Key™ doesn’t require charging, syncing, won’t break and arms or disarms in seconds.
Versa EX

Versa EX™

Simple in-store key management

Managing keys in business can be a headache. MTI’s Versa EX, paired Versa Key, solves your pain points with one solution.

  • Centralize Key Management - Manage keys from a single location. Arm, disarm, or silence all compatible devices simultaneously with a single tap for fast merchandising and response to security threats.
  • Whitelist Management - Give access to staff, for specific areas, and at certain times.
  • Remote Lockdown - Lock down secured devices using Versa Keys when a security risk is observed.
  • Reliable Power - Built-in battery backup allows Versa EX to keep running in the event of a brief power outage.
  • Stay Alert - Built-in audible alarm and LED light keeps you updated on security status of your device.
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