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ContextMedia, now Outcome Health, provides educational content to doctors’ offices in a variety of formats, including waiting-room video screens and exam-room tablets.


Context Media needed to source a new technology service provider that could support their digital media solutions rollout for national health care providers. Challenges they’d experienced with their previous provider:

• Lack of visibility
• Inattention to results
• Poor scheduling adherence

The new service provider would need to provide a higher level of service than the previous vendor (and do so at a highly competitive price point), by consistently meeting or exceeding the high standards of quality that are expected in their clients’ health care facilities.


MTI Global Services was awarded the business after multiple pilot rollouts. We exceeded the client’s expectations in these key areas:

• Scheduling Compliance (95% on-time arrival rate)
• First-Visit Completion & Quality (99.5% first-visit completion rate)
• Check-In Compliance & Visibility
• Email / Schedule Request Responsiveness
• Short-Turn/Urgent Schedule Requests
• Top-Quality Workmanship & Customer Service

MTI Global Services has been willing and able to address the underlying concerns that ContextMedia had with their previous provider. By using state-of-the-art tools and creating dynamic and meaningful processes that generated both transparency and accountability, MTI Global Services provided the solutions needed for a complex process representing ContextMedia for their clients.