Empower Your Retail Staff With Versa Key The Leading Retail Access Management Solution

New York, NY –Finally, a low cost, intelligent electronic key system that provides control to your critical in store security solutions including on floor managed inventory in locked cabinets and drawers. MTI changes the game with real-time, individually tracked keys that are affordable enough to give to every store associate and these keys don’t require power, synching, or docking at night. Versa Key™ works the first time, every time.

Versa Key™ is a secure RFID key that is smart enough to track and report on all usage in real time and tough enough to stand up to the daily rigors of retail use. Versa Key™ uses proprietary data formats, encrypted RFID technology, and the option to use dual authentication to protect against lost or stolen keys to make them the most secure keys in your store. Combined with MTI Connect®, each employee can have a Versa ID™ that is linked to individual employees, and immediately reports all usage to store managers and headquarters stakeholders via the MTI Connect® reporting platform.

“Versa Key™ and Versa ID™ are revolutionary approaches to access management and access control“ states Travis Hooper, MTI’s Vice President of Product, “having one key to control your store is of less value if customers have to wait for service when only a few senior staff can afford to have them. Give all employees the power to serve customers immediately while giving managers the comfort of knowing and controlling who is doing what, where, and when.”

Versa Key™ can control MTI’s latest suite of security products and electronic lock solutions including Freedom Micro® II HS, CX Flex™, SecurePlug®, and MTI Locks™. MTI is introducing Versa Key™ and Versa ID™ at NRF’s Big Show in New York this week – stop by and see a live demonstration.

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About MTI
MTI is a leader in global retail security, with innovative smart retail store software solutions and a global field service provider trusted by many of the world’s most successful consumer electronics retailers and brands. MTI helps clients protect high value products with innovative security solutions augmented by a real-time open IoT platform that enables retailers to close the access control and visibility gaps between management, front line teams, in-store technology and the customer experience. In addition, MTI’s unique global service and contact center reaches over 90 countries globally providing installation, repair and training and brand advocacy solutions to retailers and brands.


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