MTI and Scorpion announce a groundbreaking partnership in the fight against retail crime.

Hillsboro, OR: MTI (Mobile Technologies, Inc.) and Vestal, NY: Scorpion Security Products— two industry leaders each with a track record of helping retailers combat retail shrink (assets lost through loss or theft) — are joining forces to deliver cutting-edge security solutions globally.

The MTI and Scorpion partnership provides retailers across the globe with a complete suite of security options to protect assets on display in stores. The synergy between the two companies is unmatched; MTI is the world leader in electronic and alarmed solutions while Scorpion is the world leader in mechanical solutions. Together, their complementary product lines will help retailers broaden their security measures and better safeguard high-value product displays at a time when retail shrink is on the rise.

“Collaboration is a culture. It’s not about one person or organization winning, but rather about progressing as a group. We have found the culture and professionalism of MTI and their associates completely aligned with the principles and guidelines of Scorpion. We are very excited about our new partnership,” said Pete Gulick, Founder and CEO of Scorpion.

“This partnership brings a cooperative approach to serving our retail customers that has not been seen before in the retail security solution industry. It is a new era. From our very first conversations with the Scorpion team, there was a meeting of the minds, a realization of the benefits we could bring our customers and each other.  This partnership is good news for our customers, global partners, and the retail industry. We will leverage the strengths of both companies to bring benefits to our customers.” Mary Jesse, CEO of MTI.

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with MTI.  Not only do our products complement one another which allows us to offer the most comprehensive product lineup on the market, but our cultures blend as well.  It has been great to get to know the talented MTI team and we are excited about what the future holds for us, our global partners and customers,” stated Scorpion’s President, Paul Frydman.

The partnership between MTI and Scorpion is effective immediately which broadens the reach of both companies and enables greater solutions access and support to all our collective customers.

About MTI:

MTI works with the world’s largest brands in more than 90 countries across the globe to protect assets through physical hardware and electronic monitoring.  MTI facilitates loss prevention, asset management, enhanced service, and tablet kiosk solutions to empower leading brands to perform with excellence in today’s digital business environment.  

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon with offices in Hong Kong, Ireland, and London, MTI brings over 40 years of experience helping our customers meet their complex business needs. 

About Scorpion:

Scorpion Security Products, Inc. was founded in 2008 by CEO, Pete Gulick. Scorpion is a leader in the retail security industry, specializing in high security mechanical solutions for handheld electronic devices and much more. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of consumer engagement while maintaining maximum security.

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