Smart Digital Locks

MTI Freedom Locks

Streamline every aspect of your merchandising security while increasing speed of service to customers.

MTI Smart Locks with our Versa Key™ RFID technology drives tangible benefits for your business

  • Increase Sales & NPS
  • Empower Employees
  • Reduce Shink
  • Optimize In-store Labor


Every associate can have their own key.

Speed of Service

Universal access with a single tap of the Versa Key™ RFID card.

Event Tracking

Works with the MTI Managed Access software to track who, what, when, where, and how long.
Drive Sales
Quickly service customers with a tap of MTI’s Versa Key™ making workflows easier and more efficient.
Affordable and Extendable
Add, deactivate or replace Versa Keys™ as needed. No service slow downs with keys for every associates.
Flexible and Adaptable
MTI locks are highly adaptable and provide easy integration into most fixture and cabinet types, lowering installation costs.
Broad Portfolio
MTI’s Smart Lock portfolio provides broad coverage from the front door to the back door and all inventory locations between.
Audible Alerts
Quickly address potential security vulnerabilities with audible alerts and drive exception processes to reduce shrink.
Valuable Insights
Combined with MTI Managed Access, all lock activity is tracked and valuable insights are available for management to optimize instore labor.

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