Smart Digital Locks

Smart Digital Locks

Efficient processes and security are both critical elements to any organization.  MTI's Keyless Smart Locks use RFID chips which are designed to perform each task simply - but effectively.  
MTI Smart Locks open using our custom Versa Key™ key-cards. Unlike standard keys, Versa Keys are inexpensive and easy to manage. You can outfit your entire team with the tools they need to provide excellent customer service. Store managers can deactivate, track, and reassign cards quickly and easily. Gone are the days of refitting an entire store because one employee misplaced a key. You can simply deactivate the misplaced card and assign a new one to the employee.
Alerts and Notifications
Real time alerts and notifications of lock activity with a complete hisory of lock activity at your fingertips. 
Keycards provides fast access
A quick tap with the keycard opens and locks the lock using RFID chip technology making workflow easier and more efficient. 
Streamline and Control Access
Versa Key keycards are a cost effective way to provide controlled access to associates, vendors - so workflow is efficient and seamless. 
Set Permissions by unlimited variables
Set permissions by employee, vendor, zone and time to suit your facility and access needs. 
MTI's Smart Locks improve operations, help improve customer service, and provide accountability in any work place.
Affordable and Extendable
Add, deactivate, or replace Versa Keys as needed. No service slow-down with keys for every associate.

The Smart Padlock

RFID Keyless Entry
Reduce wait times for locked inventory. Faster speed of service leads to increased sales. Real time data of entry and useage.
Enhance Operational Control
Protect high target, high-cost product lines. Secure your products without compromising the shopping experience.

Sliding Door Lock

Designed for 
MTI Versa IoT Network
This system enables you to give keys to up to 250 employees- ensuring your locks will help protect not only your assets but your business workflow.
Unlock Efficiency
The affordability and efficiency of Versa Key makes it easy to provision every associate with a key, which has dramatic impact on service times.
Speed of Service
Improved service response time alleviate bottlenecks, elevating the shopping experience for all your customers.

The Camlock

Offering an array of arms and blades to fit mulitple fixtures and cabinet depths.
Controlled Security
Secure access to your product and inventory to prevent theft or unauthorized use of the contents.

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