Telehealth Solutions Keep Patients and Healthcare Workers Safe

Telehealth Tablet Solution

The world is still reeling with the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. The shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) and the virus’ exponential spread have put our healthcare system into a crisis.  Healthcare organizations are struggling to protect patients and healthcare providers from further spread of infection. Hospitals and clinics are expanding their telehealth (also known as telemedicine) solutions to help flatten the curve. “I believe it (telehealth) can help flatten the curve of infections and help us to deploy medical staff and lifesaving equipment wisely,” says Lee H. Schwamm, MD, director of the Center for TeleHealth at Massachusetts General Hospital, VP of virtual care for Partners Healthcare and contributor to the Harvard Medical School’s healthcare blog. Dr. Schwamm shares, “Keeping people apart is called ‘social distancing’. Keeping healthcare providers apart from patients and other providers is ‘medical distancing’. Telehealth is one strategy to help us accomplish this.”

Telehealth can be quickly and easily deployed using low cost in-room or at-home tablet-based telemedicine solutions. The benefit? Reduced direct contact between patients and healthcare providers. Since the solutions can be set up quickly and require minimal Information Technology (IT) and software support to implement they can be rolled out without disrupting patient care. Tablet kiosks can be placed on a table bedside, deployed to homes, or installed on rolling carts, which may be moved from room to room. Rugged cases and stands that are built to be cleaned and disinfected with medical-grade disinfectants, these tablet-based solutions can help minimize contact and help flatten the curve.

MTI has kiosk solutions that enable tablet-based telehealth solutions in stock today. We have special discounted pricing for our Enterprise Tablet Pro™, Enterprise Tablet LITE™ and Pipeline Kiosk products for Healthcare OEM’s, VARs and Integrators. These off-the-shelf solutions were specifically tailored for telehealth needs using either Aava Mobile, Microsoft Surface, Zebra or Apple tablets. Want a catalog of the discounted products? Contact us at [email protected] for help with your telehealth or other tablet-based solutions.



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